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Ross Township Police Department

Ross Township Police Department


Chief Robert Bellan

1000 Ross Municipal Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: (412)931-9070

Fax: (412)931-7065


Roll Call


Below are the Officers of The Ross Police Department who have faithfully served and are currently retired from active duty. We honor them for their dedication and service not only to the Ross Community but to one another. Without you, we would not be the department you see before you today.


Chiefs of Police

Chief Vernon Porter Moses, Chief Ed Schoen, Chief Robert Butzler, Chief Earl K. Grabenstein, Chief Dwight Guthrie, Chief Edward Haley, Chief James O'Donnell, Chief Gregory G. Tenos, Chief Carl Zotter, Chief Ralph Freedman



Cpt. William Greiner



Lt. Charles Schaefer, Lt. John Adams, Lt. James Guffey, Lt. Howard Krall, Lt. Richard Moran, Lt. Gary Waters



Sgt. William Ehrin, Sgt. John Herb, Sgt. Kenneth Hores, Sgt. Carlton Kaplan, Sgt. Harry Medsger, Sgt. Frank Kamalich, Sgt. Oscar Pennell, Sgt. Frank Zotter, Sgt. Robert Wilson, Sgt. Robert Martin, Sgt. David Syska



Ptl. David Evans, Ptl. David Fuller, Ptl. William Gerhart, Ptl. William Herndon, Ptl. Ronald Hess, Ptl. Milan Jugan, Ptl. Howard Kaufmann, Ptl.Martin Loebig, Ptl. John Madden, Ptl. Paul Mayfield, Ptl. Robert McGregor, Ptl. Millard Mella, Ptl. Ronald Michael, Ptl. George Nairn, Ptl. Russell Nairn, Ptl. John Pintersch, Ptl. Norman Pracht, Ptl. Roger Sapp, Ptl. Howard Boyd, Ptl. William Snyder, Ptl. Thomas Koedel, Ptl. Richard White, Ptl. Robert Muchenski, Ptl. Mark Wuycheck, Ptl. Matthew T. Remaly, Ptl. Gary Medsger, Ptl. Donald Dreier


Police Work Dogs

K9 Enno, K9 Sari