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Ross Township Police Department

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Crime Watch


Patrolman Michael J Thomas


The Crime Watch program has been in existence in the Ross Township Police Department since 1the mid 1970s.


Crime watch also known as neighborhood watch or block watch has evolved greatly in the past 35 years. In the early years before current technology was available, Officers had to hold frequent community meetings in the homes of the Crime Watch Captains to discuss criminal activity and crime trends. Other forms of communication such as the telephone and if the matter was urgent, a telephone chain were used to get the messages out. Today messages can and are delivered instantly to thousands of Crime Watch members at the same time by e-mail. Although we still feel it is necessary to meet face to face at a meeting occasionally, the need to meet frequently has been eliminated.


The purpose of the neighborhood crime watch has not changed. Crime Watch is not watching crime! It is neighbor looking after neighbor and calling 9-1-1 to report suspicious activity. Very often where there is suspicious activity, crime is not far behind. Our residents are the heartbeat of the Township and their respective neighborhoods. They know what is going on, who belongs and who does not. An Officer driving through the area might not recognize the situation to be suspicious.


Crime Watch members are the eyes and ears of the Police, and they can and do stop crime.


Officers will attend and address meetings of concerned citizens to help establish a Crime Watch / Block Watch program in your neighborhood on request.


Community Crime Watch meetings

Community Crime Watch meetings are held bi-monthly in the Community Center. Topics will vary depending on the season or current crime trends.


Officers are available for other reasons related to crime prevention issues including:


Personal safety programs

School based programs

Pre-school programs

Senior citizen safety

Child identification

Tours of the Police Station

Demonstrations of Police equipment

Bike patrol

Self defense

Bike rodeo / safety event


Contact us

To request an Officer for an event, make an appointment or if there are any questions we can help you with, please contact Officer M.J. Thomas


Phone: 412-931-9070 Ext. 128


Crime watch is a valuable program operating out of the Special Programs Division within the Police Department.


We invite you to view the Special Programs section for a more detailed history and explanation of the program