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Ross Township Police Department

Ross Township Police Department


Chief Robert Bellan

1000 Ross Municipal Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: (412)931-9070

Fax: (412)931-7065


Information Systems Division


Sergeant Randall McAllister

Patrolman Robert Zegar

Patrolman Barry Clifford


The Information Systems Unit was officially established in January of 2002. The unit was formed to assist the police department in quickly addressing concerns related to the department computer equipment and to keep this equipment functioning at all times. Responsibilities grew to include management of data records, computer maintenance and repair, installation and maintenance of vehicle electronic equipment, video equipment, electronic building security, radio communications, and telephone management. The unit consists of Detective Randy McAllister, Patrolman Barry Clifford and Patrolman Robert Zegar. These officers are responsible for maintaining these various systems in addition to their police duties.


MDTThere are currently twenty-five (25) workstations placed throughout the police department for officers to use when completing reports and associated paperwork. All of these machines are networked to a main server which houses all of the police data records. The unit also services seventeen (17) mobile data computers. These computers enable officers to retrieve specific information from state and federal databases right from their patrol vehicles.


ComputerWith the 2003 construction of our new municipal building, officers assigned to the Information Systems Unit researched and completed several plans for integration of our computer network. These officers completed all of the network connections and set-up with little to no outside contract assistance. The officers have also been involved in the set-up and programming of the digital telephone and video surveillance systems at the station.


SwitchAlthough the majority of responsibilities include maintenance of our current electronic and technology based systems, the Information Systems Unit has researched and has been actively involved in improving our current computer information and communication structure. The unit has striven to obtain a state of the art computer database that will increase efficiency in reporting and enable officers to obtain more timely intelligence information to assist them in investigations and case management. PISTOL from Sungard OSSI was chosen as Ross Township Police's Record Management System.